Flight cancelled

As a passenger, your rights are clearly defined in the European Union’s Regulation EG 261/2004 on the rights of air passengers.

If you’re travelling with an airline based in the EU or with a non-EU based airline flying from an EU airport, you’re protected by the Denied Boarding Regulation.
The regulation states that the airline has an obligation to offer you assistance if your flight is cancelled or the delay is expected to go beyond a certain point.
Depending the length and circumstances of your cancellad flight you could be entitled to:

  • a refund or alternative flight
  • food, phone calls and accommodation
  • flight cancellation compensation, up to € 600 (£520*)

Ticket refund or rerouting?
If your flight is cancelled and either departed from an EU airport or you were on an EU airline and landed at an EU airport. You can choose either:
not to travel, and get a refund of your ticket cost. You can also choose this option if the delay lasts for five hours or more but the flight isn’t cancelled
an alternative flight (airlines call this rerouting) to your destination.

You can claim one of these:

  • regardless of how long before the flight you were told of the cancellation
  • regardless of what it was that caused the cancellation.

If you’re travelling with a non-EU based airline flying from a non-EU destination, the airline doesn’t have the same duty to look after you. Check the airline’s Condition of Carriage to see what compensation you are entitled to.

Do I have a right to compensation?

Compensation for cancelled flights depends on the reason for the cancellation.
If the airline can prove the cancellation was caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’, no compensation is payable.
Extraordinary circumstances are situations beyond the control of the airline, for example, security risk, political instability or severe weather that makes flying dangerous. Strikes are also usually included in this category.
Although you are not entitled to financial compensation for flight cancellations in these circumstances, you are entitled to the meals, refreshments, accommodation and hotel transfers depending on the length of your flight and delay (as explained above)

You are entitled to compensation amounting to:

  • EUR 250 for all flights up to 1 500 kilometres;
  • EUR 400 for all flights between 1 500 and 3 500 kilometres;
  • EUR 600 for all flights of more than 3500 kilometres.


We work for you on a no win-no-fee basis and represent your interests as an air passenger against the airline. This means there is no upfront cost involved. Even if your case progresses to court, you will not bear any solicitor or court costs. There is no risk and you can only gain money through using our service. You only pay us commission if we win your case at a rate of 24,5% excl. VAT.