Flight schedule change compensation

The Flight for holiday’s booked, you’re all set, but the airline suddenly announces a change to your flight time, officially labelled a ‘schedule change’.

Here are your rights and what you can do.

  • If the flight schedule change is within 14 days bevor departure you could be entitled to compensation.
    reimbursement of the full cost of your ticket, at the price at which it was bought, for the part or parts of the journey not made, and for the part or parts already made if the flight is no longer serving any purpose in relation to your original travel plan
  • re-routing, under comparable transport conditions, to your final destination, at the earliest opportunity
  • re-routing, under comparable transport conditions, to your final destination at a later date at your convenience, subject to availability of seats.

In addition, must offer you the Airline, free of charge:

  • meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation to the waiting time
  • facility to contact destination area via telex or fax messages, telephone or e-mail

In the event of re-routing in connection with your cancelled flight, if the reasonably expected time of departure of the new flight is at least the day after the departure as it was planned for the cancelled flight, we will also offer you:

  • hotel accommodation in cases, where an unscheduled stay of one or more nights becomes necessary and
  • transport between the airport and place of accommodation.

You are entitled to compensation amounting to:

  • EUR 250 for all flights up to 1 500 kilometres;
  • EUR 400 for all flights between 1 500 and 3 500 kilometres;
  • EUR 600 for all flights of more than 3500 kilometres.


We work for you on a no win-no-fee basis and represent your interests as an air passenger against the airline. This means there is no upfront cost involved. Even if your case progresses to court, you will not bear any solicitor or court costs. There is no risk and you can only gain money through using our service. You only pay us commission if we win your case at a rate of 24,5% excl. VAT.